About PNSQC 2019 and What Your UI Tests Need to Say

I enjoyed speaking at the Pacific NW Software Quality Conference 2019 in Portland earlier this week. I am thankful for the support from conference attendees as well as others who allowed me to develop my presentation. My conference tech paper reviewers, Andrew Peterson and Eric Haneberg, were vital in guiding me through the process of turning an outline for the technical paper into its published form.

I am also thankful to my colleagues at The Climate Corporation for giving me the opportunity to attend the conference. 

My session is titled “What Your UI Tests Need to Say”

I went into the conference not knowing for sure how many people would attend or how many people would attend my session. When I got to the room and realized that up to a hundred people would attend, I did not get nervous since I knew my material and had presented it to smaller groups already. 

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to take a speaking workshop with Scott Berkun. One useful tip is to get to the room early and run through the hardware setup. A second tip is to get some exercise before speaking. I put on my headphones and walked along the river front shortly before the session listening to my favorite tunes.

This conference requires its speakers to write a technical paper to accompany the presentation. I learned later from others that have spoken at conferences that this is not a typical requirement. That requirement turned out to be very advantageous. By writing the paper out, I got the chance to collaborate with reviewers and to learn my material so well that creating the slide deck and giving the presentation was much easier.

I highly recommend that those who are interested in the craft of software quality attend next year’s conference. 

I also encourage anyone with ideas to share to practice public speaking. It is fun!

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